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Monday, July 9, 2012

Another Finish

I finished my Houses quilt on Sunday night.  Here it is fresh out of the drier.  A bit wrinkled but that will hang out.
The hand quilting took a month so I am still on track to finish one a month this year (it helps to have so many tops already made )

Happy Quilting


  1. Your quilt is si beautiful.

  2. It is spectacular Tim...and finished in record time!

  3. Absolutely awesome. I just love houses quilts.

  4. the school house block is one of my fav`s and yours is gorgeous I had just taken a cruise through some of the school house quilts you had for sale and they are all awesome!
    How are you quilting one quilt a month what type of hand quilting are you using, are your fingers not raw!! I am just so impressed on how much you can get done! and how beautifully done they are

    1. Well I spend a lot of time quilting to get one a month least 4 hours a day. It makes my hands sore sometimes but I think that all that quilting had just made for strong hands. I use a normal quilting hoop and usually #9 or 10 needle..the only thing I do different from many quilters is I use the thimble on my thumb and quilt away from myself rather than toward myself.....I don't know if that makes it any faster that is just how I do it

  5. Bravo and I congratulate you on keeping up with one quilt a month.


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