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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

One of my quilts

By Françoise Lietaert

I decided to show you one of my still favourite quilts I designed and made.

It's about 2 by 2 meter.

It's called 'Passing the elements'

I consider it being my Millennium quilt, since I finished it in 2000. It took me 9 months from first sketch to finished binding. That, never again.  If you want the 'blahblah' : the centre block is 'world without end', with the 4 elements it's composed of : earth, water, fire and air.
That is surrounded by nature (the leaves) which we have to defend (the 4 large points).

As you can see, the points provide large area's of space for quilting. I would have loved to fill them with trapunto, but in those days, I didn't know how. So I didn't. And since I was on a deadline, I didn't have the time to try and learn.
Which brings me to my point intended : I still take classes when I can, and the subject of the class - or the teacher- interests me. I mean, I won't be taking beginners classes or so, but more specialised ones. But these are extremely hard to find I think.
Some time ago, a quilter who had been quilting for 2 years and finished a wallhanging, told me she didn't need to take classes anymore because she felt she knew everything. It was one of those times I was too shocked to answer.

By the way, I've been wondering for years if I still could do the trapunto on the finished quilt, or should I leave it as is?


  1. I love the quilt-the design is really nice and especially after you read about all of the elements considered in the design. I believe you should have a look at Janet's BLOG-I think she did trapunto after she quilted her wedding ring quilt (which BTW is a stunning piece of work). Check that out, if anyone can guide you, she can.

    Thanks for sharing

    1. I am planning on doing just that. But her quilt is still in the make. ITeresa -fabric therapy- also has a tutorial that I still have to check out.
      But the thing is, can I do it on a finished quilt?

    2. Hi Francoise, Your quilt is beautiful! About the trapunto: not after the quilt is finished. Now your quilt is square. With the trapunto you will need extra fabric to get the height. That fabric needs to come from somewhere! So accept that at that moment you didn't know about trapunto and use the technique in your next quilt.
      And I fully agree with you on classes! You're never too good to learn...

  2. Eine wunderschöne Arbeit.
    Liebe Grüße Grit

  3. It is fantastic! Love the arrowheads, and the quilting i gorgeous - congratulations!

  4. It seems any classes around here are for those who use a machine. If you can find a useful class, snatch it up!


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