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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Grid Work

I am currently working on the background grid work on this wall hanging I made several years ago. Grid work is one of my favorite quilting designs.  There is no need for special stencils and it can be adapted to any size block easily by changing the spacing between the lines.   Some use masking tape to follow, I like to use a mechanical pencil to lightly mark the lines using the quilting rulers that I use to cut fabric.  I think if you are wanting to practice, this is a good pattern to use. I find myself counting the stitches between the lines and it helps me keep my stitches even.
I would love to see your favorite background quilting designs.


  1. I never thought of counting the stitches- what a clever idea

  2. I love grid work - it is simple to do and relaxing

  3. How big is the grid you use? I have only tried it once and didn't like all the starting and stopping required. I have done echo quilting a number of times and found it easy to mark with a few dots here and there.

    1. The grid work pictured is half an inch apart. I work around the piece zig zagging around so there aren't many starts and stops. I love echo quilting also, and the freedom of no marking.

  4. I love grid work! I especially love working with double lines, it gives a rich feeling.

  5. I also love the crosshatching or grid and use it in almost every wholecloth I do. For that type of quilts the background quilting is very important to create the contrast to the flowing quilting patterns. The wineglass pattern is one of my favourites as well (especially when a tiny little grid is added in the inner areas of the circles) and stippling, too. The patterns stand out in a perfect way.

  6. I haven't tried that but it is now on my bucket list. Just ordered two books on quilting designs, can't wait to get them.

  7. the crosshatching is a very old design and when used well is quite lovely. love yours!


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