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Friday, May 18, 2012

What a Rewarding Feeling

By: Karen Goad

Hand quilting takes a lot of time.  It is well worth it in the end.  What a feeling a quilter can have when you do a quilt the old fashioned way with a quilting frame/hoop, needle, thread, thimble.  The tools do not cost a lot – the reward is great.

In 2010 in January I started this quilt as a BOM and worked on it every month for a year, finishing the top in January of 2011.  It was put aside for most of 2011 while I was quilting other quilts on my frame.  I put it on my frame in December of 2011 and just took it off the frame yesterday!  What a great feeling that was.  5 months of hard work!

I sewed the binding on by machine today and now have the hand stitching of the binding to do.  When I get done I will post a photo.  If you have never hand quilted – give it a try – it is rewarding and relaxing.  Here is a partial photo – I don’t have room to spread it out in the house – this was before I got the binding started.


When I get it done I will post a finished shot Smile


  1. I can't wait to see the finished quilt! And please, some close ups of your beautiful quilting! Thanks!

  2. ....clapping clapping!!! Hooray! Oh yes, what a great feeling you must be enjoying! Great quilt!! Can't wait to see it all bound and gussied up!!

    I did this same quilt. I have about 3 months worth of blocks left before I can sew the top up. Seeing yours makes me anxious to get in there and finish mine!!

  3. Wow, sieht das schon toll aus.
    Liebe Grüße Grit

  4. Karen I have been following your progress from the very beginning. I loved your progress posts, it started me on my own that is on the frame (embarrassed to say how long) I am doing a little everyday and have made a turn. I love how you give reports it keeps me in mind to keep going.
    Your quilt is gorgeous the quilting is lovely and yes it is all worth it!
    Sending encores with Brown Dirt Cottage.

  5. congratulations Karen! It looks Great!

  6. thank you all - so glad to know that my progress reports help inspire others to keep going, sometimes I wonder if it is just boring news :) I will love to see how the quilt turns out from Brown Cottage Dirt and Betweens! keep on going girls and it will get done. I will post my final photo here and on the Star Crazy blog where a whole group of us started this a couple years ago.

  7. Karen, you're doing a great job! Love to cheer you on in the last part of this project. Please enjoy doing the binding. With every stitch it's a bit more finished!

  8. A finished quilt is never boring news! Isn't it a wonderful feeling?


  9. Beautiful---such a tantalizing little glimpse! I love what I can see of your quilting--the straight lines in the border are just right. It's so easy to over-complicate, isn't it? Thanks for sharing your progress!

  10. I can hardly wait to see it...the little bit you showed is lovely. I wish I could hand quilt but unfortunately arthritis has taken that from me. I can still do small pieces and love doing it, but the big quilts are too much for me. You are very right that hand quilting is a feeling like no other. blessings, marlene

  11. I have one side of binding just about complete, maybe by the end of the week I can show the whole quilt :) thanks for comments everyone

  12. Congratulations Karen, it's looking gorgeous. I'd love to see some close ups of the quilting later too.


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