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Monday, May 21, 2012

Star Crazy–Finished


Star Crazy is done Smile 

As I posted a few days ago, I said I would share when I got done with the binding – I have finished it today!






Forgive all the wrinkles – I had just taken it out of the dryer and got busy taking photos.  I probably did over kill on the quilting in the pieced area, once I got started I had to continue – part way through I had wished I hadn’t decided to do that.  I have lost track of how many queen size quilts I have hand quilted now – this bed sure has seen a change of quilts over the years!

Is fabric shrinking more than it used to?  I love the antique crinkly look so I always wash and dry my quilts – always unless it is a wall hanging that I might want a flat look to.  It doesn’t seem like it used to shrink quite so much though – the top before quilting was 100 x 100 inches – now 95 x 95 inches.  I’m glad I made it as large as I did.


  1. Karen, this is lovely--definitely not overdone. It is so clean and fresh looking. Julierose

  2. Beautifully done Karen. Is that one of The Quilt Show BOMs? It may be the batt that shrank up on you.

  3. Yes it is from the Quilt Show
    The batting always shrinks - I expect that as I use 100% cotton - Quilters Dream - it just seems in recent years the finished quilts shrink more than they used to - I wouldn't expect that the batting is made that much different than it used to be - that is why I was thinking fabric was shrinking more.

  4. Lovely .... I so enjoyed seeing your progress with this quilt.

    Since you put in a lot of hand quilting, that would cause your quilt to shrink a bit along with washing and drying your quilt in a dryer

  5. Beautiful! I love all the hand quilting--I don't think it's over done at all.

  6. This quilt is so beautiful....and your quilting is perfect for it! Wonderful! And yes, fabric is shrinking a lot these days. I just prewashed and dried a layer cake of some very dark colors to catch the bleeding, and those 10" squares now measure 9" x 9.25"! That's a lot to me! Plus, my 2 color catchers turned out medium grey! I'm so glad I washed it before using it!

    1. that is a lot of shrinkage! I'm glad I like the antique look that the shrinkage gives, but I'm also glad that I made the top big to begin with.

  7. the hand quilting is beautiful! love it!

  8. I love the quilt! Your washing processing is great to create that antique feeling. Love it!

  9. It turned out beautifully! I love the crinkles, and you did a fantastic job. Queen size quilts always seem to take so long. Glad you stuck with it!

  10. Der Quilt ist so schön!!!!
    Liebe Grüße Grit

  11. thanks everyone - now on to finishing another top - a quilters work is never done :)

  12. I love your quilt. It's beautiful.

  13. its is beautiful!...
    Glad that the shrinkage didn't make the quilt too small for the bed but I just love the was worth it!

  14. I love the quilting and I know it seems to take forever while in the process, but it is so worth it when it is done. Karen you did a wonderful job and I love the colors.

  15. thanks Carla - yes Tim I'm glad it was still big enough for the bed - the last quilt Going In Circles I had made smaller and then the shrinkage has made it just about too small for a queen but I use it sometimes anyway.


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