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Thursday, May 3, 2012

A Rudimentary Survey

 Pictured L to R:  Mettler,  Coats & Clark , King Tut and Aurifil. 
by Grace Thorne 

Since I first started quilting back in 1979, the tools and notions that have become available are astounding.  Back then, the choice of quilting thread was very limited.  The best on the market was Coats & Clark, the top brand in threads.  Flash forward and the choice is mind boggling. In the beginning I used the  Coats & Clar  and a Swedish brand that is no longer marketed.  Then I segued into Mettler, my favorite brand until now.  Curiosity prompted me to try 2 new quilting threads--King Tut and Aurifil. I conducted an elemental and unbiased test of all 4.  Now the  Coats & Clar  is my least favorite; it's glazed and I don't particularly like glazed threads.  Of the remaining 3, I have to say the Aurifil was the favorite. The other 2 are good, no doubt, and the difference in the top 3 is incremental.  Of course, I'll still use all 4 brands I have on hand.  They are all good quality cotton threads and represent a significant investment. I've used all 4 on a singular project and the difference is not even noticeable.  but when I have to replenish, I'm going for the Aurifil.  it's the right thing to do...for me anyway.


  1. I love Aurifil thread too! Are you using the 28 wt thread for your hand quilting!

  2. Same question - 28 wt Aurifil? I have some I'm hand piecing with, but haven't quilted with it yet. Also, have you considered trying YLI?

  3. Aurifil is not available here in Japan but I have some a blogging friend sent and like it. For a while, Coats was often poorly wound and came off the spool with wrinkles that caused knots and frustration. It has become better lately and the newer spools have begun coming in a better variety of colors.

  4. I, too, am curious about the Aurifil weight. Earlie this morning I was browsing threads, pricing and with the cost of good thread, I certainly want to get my $$ worth. I do a lot of folky stitches with Perl Cotton # 8 but for some quilts would like a smaller stitch.
    Thanks for this topic!

  5. I love the Aurifil threads for all hand projects, but especially piecing. My quilting favourite remains YLI - I've used it for ages but hear it's being discontinued? Also have used Sulky thread on less "fancy" quilting projects, its finer than Perle and allows smaller big stitches, as opposed to gigantor stitches which can occur with Perle.

  6. My favorite remains Coats and clark the 100% cotton (the blend it bad!) I like a glazed thread to me it makes threading the needle easier and it tangles less

  7. I love Gutermann for applique, King Tut for quilting and YLI cotton hand quilting thread for hand piecing!

  8. I love the aurifil 28 too. It is a bit finer than YL1 quilting thread. I use the mako 50 for hand applique. It is very well behaved. (Aurifil thread don't knot or tangle.)
    I get mine online from Lacewings over here in the U.K. - they supply lacemakers.


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