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Sunday, May 27, 2012

Modern hand quilt

By: Glenn Dragone

It’s been some time since I posted a blog to the site. I’ve been busy on some projects and finally have something to share.

I completed this quilt a few weeks ago for my niece’s high school graduation. My hope is that it will survive her Freshman year!

I hand quilted it using a cotton batting, I’m sure (I hope) it will get lots of washings. Normally, I use wool, but I can’t imagine a college student hanging a quilt to dry.

Happy Memorial Day!




  1. Glenn, I'm sure she'll love it! I know I do!

  2. Love it great quilting design! very complimentary to the quilt. I am sure it will be generously loved!
    You didn`t say how long it took you to quilt? I normally hand quilt with cotton but will be trying wool soon.

  3. very nice quilting design. i love how it looks with the bright colors and the simple design!

  4. Looks great Glenn
    She will love it!

  5. There is nothing so good as a hand quilted quilt in my opinion. Your gift is wonderful and I think you were very wise in assuming no college student would hang a quilt to dry. Besides, where would she do it?! What a nice aunt!

  6. I really love this. NIce bumpy texture - will only get better with repatead use and washing. Very comforting. What a lucky niece!


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