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Friday, May 25, 2012

A finish

I finished my Fan quilt today.

I have been working on it on and off since early March.  Here is the back.

The quilting is NOT perfect!  But I had a lot of fun doing it and that is what is important!

Have a happy Holiday Weekend


  1. you sure finished this one fast! It looks great - how big is this quilt?

  2. It looks great! Congratulations..

  3. How wonderful .... great job and a great quilt!

  4. I love the design and the quilting! Did you create the design yourself?

    Very nice work!

    1. Thanks
      the fan blocks are vintage blocks that I bought on eBay...I added the white muslin and hand pieced the top....the layout is my own design and the border is made with reproduction fabric

  5. very beautiful. a wonderful job; quilting doesn't have to be perfect but it works its magic anyway

  6. Thanks, and I aggree that quilting doesnt have to be perfect!...most of my quilts I dont try to be perfect, I just want a pleasing pattern that compliments the piecing, and is fun to do

  7. it may not be perfect, but it looks fabulous.:)

  8. wonderful quilting designs so glad that you showed us the back so we could see more of it! I would say that your designs compliment that quilt very well!! love it...thanks for sharing.

  9. Thanks!
    its a bit wrinkly from the dryer (needs to hang for a while to "relax") but the quilting always seems to show best from the back

  10. Lovely work - so refreshing. Hand quilting is where it's at. Thanks so much for showing.


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