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Saturday, May 5, 2012


After reading the comments, I decided to post a short addendum.  Yes, the Aurifil I use is 28 wt.  I had previously thought all were 40 wt.  I checked the Coats & Clark website and found that their hand quilting thread is a 20 wt, which may be the real reason I don't like it...too thick.  I was surprised at the Aurifil because it is very similar in feel to the King Tut, which is a 40 wt.  It all comes down to personal choice about the feel and ease of use.  Although I need to be thrifty when selecting quilty notions, I would still choose the Aurifil....after I use up what I have of course.  Why?  because I quilt for the pure enjoyment and the Aurifil meets that criteria. 


  1. I went back and tried the aurifil again and then switched back to the Coats. Probably my problem with aurifil is that I like a LOOOOONG piece of thread and each time I use the aurifil, it gets all worn and messy before I get even near the end, even breaking. I do like the aurifil for applique.

  2. I have been following Jinny Beyer (hand quilter) for yrs and her website has her fav. hand piecing thread which is also Aurifil 28 wt. I tried it and it is very good . No twisting or knotting. I tried the 50 wt but I did not like it for hand work only machine work . Thanks


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