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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

What Was Your First Hand Quilting Project?

By Audrey Easter
Everyone starts out somewhere in the hand quilting world, then gains experience and knowledge with each subsequent project. This is the result of my very first hand quilting effort ever.

I learned the basics of hand quilting from my husbands cousins wife while they were staying with us for a week in the year 2002. Following that instruction, my learning curve mostly depended on two friends that hand quilted infrequently at best. Umm, dare I say that I am totally aware (now) that I learned a few things improperly? Ten years down the road I have some fairly entrenched quilting habits that would not even begin to please the perfectionist hand quilters of the land. Oh, woe is me if they were ever to view one of my quilts up close and personal.*wink Truthfully, I have ceased worrying about all that so much and have tried to embrace what hand quilting does for me on a day to day, month to month basis. The tranquility and peace of mind that results from that little motion of threading a needle in and out of a quilt sandwich is priceless. Many times I have had cause to be thankful for that one moment I put aside my qualms and began learning the art of hand quilting.

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  1. My first hand quilting was a baby quilt for my son in 1974.I will look for a photo.


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