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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Star Crazy–Hand Quilting

By: Karen Goad


I have been kind of lax about contributing to the blog lately.  Life kind of gets in the way at times doesn’t it.  I have been busy with hand quilting my Star Crazy quilt.  At times I wish I hadn’t started off way back at the beginning with so much quilting in it – I would be done by now if I had put less effort into it.



This much left to work on before I can crank her down and get started on a new length once again.  The end might be in sight when I crank it down again – or it might take one more time of quilting all the way across – soon though the end will be in sight.



  1. Karen, I love star quilts and this one is great. I think you are going to be so glad that you did all that hand quilting once you complete it. Sure hope you post a pic once it is complete!

  2. yes I will post a finished photo - hope to get it done by May.

  3. The quilt and your work are beautiful!!! What brand quilt frame are you using?

  4. Say! check you out! You use that "tennis rack" thimble! I have one! In the demo it looks like it would work but I have yet figured out how

  5. all the efoort is well worth it!...that beautiful top deservs every bit of you beautiful hand quilting!! is going to be a beauty

  6. Viki my quilt frame is handcrafted from oak it was made by an old gentleman that did work working. He had his own shop in the Ozarks mt. area near Branson MO. He died awhile back so no more are made.
    I have been using my hand held thimble for years Viki, it takes a little getting used to but it is the only one I have used at the frame for years - you can quilt in any direction.

    1. Viki you asked what brand the quilting frame is - as I said there is no brand, you can see the whole frame on my blog though, listed by my name.
      Thanks Tim!

  7. Love the quilt, and your quilting! I think it's fabulous, even if it IS taking longer than expected.


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