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Sunday, April 29, 2012

The Quilt Show

By Karen Goad

I had a wonderful day at the Paducah Quilt Show on Thursday and although I know we are not to post photos of the quilts themselves I have a couple little bits to share of hand work.  They are lovely.  In my opinion there was not enough hand work at the show – it is indeed a dying art and I am so glad that those of us on this blog are trying to keep it alive.  I’m lucky that I live only 6 hours away from the show and was able to make it over to see everything.  A longer trip will have to be planned another time so I can see more.

I barely even found any hand work supplies in the main area of the convention center and finally found items I wanted in the big “bubble” building that is set up for more vendors outside.  There was more in the two big rooms inside the convention center also– one on the second floor and another on the bottom floor in back of the main entrance area. The big area where most of the big quilts are set up was just about completely taken over by long arm machine quilting vendors, and various supplies for that part of quilting.

I had hoped to find AnneMart from the Netherlands who is one of our contributors on this blog at the show as she was there to sell her book and show people how to decorate shoes with quilting designs – I’m sure she will post after she gets home – it was so busy though and I was there only one day and she was not around the booth she was too be at when I was there – another day perhaps – you all in Michigan of which I know we have several might find her at the quilt show in Michigan this year?

My goodies that I found at the show that I just had to have! Edyta Star patterns – 2 of them! one was the last they had and the only vendor I saw them at – I teased the lady that was running the booth that she must have saved it just for me! Roxanne needles, my favorite, needle pulls (those little circle rubber pieces), adhesive circles for the little metal stick on thimble that I use for hand work, fray block, mylar oval pieces – one of Karen Kay Buckley's new items, glue, freezer paper, a Fons and Porter sewing machine threader (lighted) I hope it works. And last but not least – a little bit of fabric – I wanted more but controlled myself as I have plenty at home.  This year I will save on shipping and handling charges as I just do not have a quilt shop near by that carries the hand work items I use Sad smile


Little bits of hand work from a winning quilt



A wonderful applique border – such beautiful work


I hope it was ok to show these little bits of the quilts as I believe the rule is not to post photos whole quilts.


  1. Karen, I think it's quite sad that there weren't enough hand work booths at the show. I do hope that some booths show up at the Michigan show. I'm holding out hope that it's just a slump hand work is in and that people will realize the calm and relaxation you can get from doing hand work. Hopefully it will have it's own revival :) I don't know what the hurry everyone is in in the first place.

    I do hope to look up Annemart too, when I'm there.

    You did pick up some great essentials:) Thanks again for sharing.

  2. I forgot to add that I also bought several packages of quilters dream cotton batting at Hancocks of Paducah! Can't forget that I always stock up when I am there as it is the only one I like to use! Karen


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