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Friday, April 6, 2012


 We received a question via email from Stephanie... if you can assist her, please leave a comment below.

It's a beautiful warm sunny day here in the U.K.
I do so appreciate the Hand Quilting Blog! My quilting have definitely improved thanks to all the wonderful examples and useful tips.
A question that I have been pondering - "What is the hand quilters' experience of pouncing?" (How long does it last/what is it like to work with/does it wash out ???)

Happy Easter,


  1. I use the pounce every once in awhile. It will rub off as you hand quilt, so I tend to mark my quilt as I go. I use the kind of pounce that irons out and any remaining "markings" on the quilt do go away after ironing or in the washing machine. I tend to use pounce to mark my quilt when I'm marking larger quilting stencils. For smaller areas or straight or wavy lines I just use a generals caulk pencil or a soft lead pencil! Hope this helps!

  2. I have used the "pounce" product only one time and I personally didn't care for it, I got chalk all over the place. Because I wanted to use something else to mark my quilt I used the brush vacuum attachment on my vacuum cleaner and lightly vacuumed the chalk off of my quilt top. The quilt top was on 3 roller frame secured tightly so it came off easily - when I washed the quilt later there was no chalk left - if I had not vacuumed it I don't know if some chalk would have still been in it or not.
    As far as the product goes I just didn't care for it as I seemed to get a chalky powder scattered all over the area I was working I didn't like the "feel" of it.

  3. I frequently use the pounce with stencils. It goes on quickly and easily and does wear off as you quilt, so I sometimes have to go over the lines with chalk. It has always washed out for me, although I sometimes run the quilt through the washing machine twice before drying it just to be sure. I have never had left over marks from the pounce.

    I have the blue pounce also, but have not yet tried it, so I can't say whether or not that one comes out as easily as the white.


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