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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

My First Hand Quilted Quilt

by Suze

The center is a hand drawn batik panel from Bali that my Aunt brought back for me as a souvenir  many, many years had little white dots around all of the edges of the birds and leaves..and that looked a bit like hand quilting to me..When I started quilting 10 years ago, I decided to tackle this panel..I asked for some help with designing the borders on the Quilting forum and one lady was kind enough to off I went to Joann's for some coordinating fabric to make the flying geese.. I used some icky puffy poly batting that bearded dreadfully in the border fabric (the batik is solid enough there are no pokeys in it!) - but it needled really well! I toiled with this project for several months..working on it in the Barnes and Noble bookshop while I waited for either my DH or my DS to pick me up - I carpooled to work with a couple of friends and that was a convenient drop off point.. The backing was pulled around to the front for the binding..but for a wall hanging..that's ok..

Its hanging in my living room, in desperate need of blocking, which I shall do... one of these days.


  1. everyone has been so great to post about their first quilts--something to be so proud of, yet look back and just smile!


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