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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

My first hand quilted project

by Caron Mosey

This is not the first quilt I ever made, but it IS the first quilt I ever hand quilted.  And, I admit, it’s pretty sad looking. It was supposed to be a flying geese quilt, but I guess I didn’t know that the triangle in the middle had to have three points on it!  LOL  
This quilt was made for our youngest son and was made to use up scraps I had laying around.  I grabbed some stencils and drew the quilting lines on the quilt in no random order to “fill up the space.”  The binding was not too bad, now that I look at it.  I learned not to keep a quilt folded in one position where the light can get to it. It kept the baby warm, and a lot of love went into it.  That’s what counts… it IS what counts, isn’t it?


  1. I bet it was loved. We have all come a long way in our quilting haven't we.

  2. i don't think it looks sad at all, just well loved. in fact, i rarely hand quilt baby quilts because i worry that the mom's will be afraid to use them, not because i think they're not worthy of being hand quilted.


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