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Monday, April 2, 2012

DIY a (inexpensive) home hand quilting floor frame

Dear hand quilting friend, don't worry: you don’t have to be a carpenter, nor an engineer… only a passionate quilter!
You need (see picture above):
Two Ikea ‘Vika Artur’ wooden racks
Two stripes of pine (or similar) wood with a (about) 2” square base, of length you wish (it depends from the size of the quilt, minimum 65 maximum 110”, but check your room measurement in advance, please!)
Thumbtacks with small & large head
Four carpenter’s clamps (medium size)
Some cotton leftovers of heavy quality fabric (you must cut two stripes 12” x  …. “ that’s to say the length of your stripe of wood, less 10”)
Your usual tools for cutting fabric (rotary cutter, mat and ruler) or a pair of scissors

After you cut the fabric stripes the length you need, fold them in half, long right sides together, and sew each one all around with your sewing machine, one short side not sewn. Trim seam allowances at corners, then turn right on the fabric pipes. Press and sew the last short sides. Now you have two double stripes of fabric  and you align them on one side of each stripe of wood, leaving it uncovered at both ends. Fix them in place with large head thumbtacks (one every 10”) and then with the small head ones (one every 10”, alternated) as follows:
Ä  ·   Ä  ·   Ä  ·   Ä
Now you can put the two stripes of wood on the Ikea racks with the carpenter’s clamps; once you have fixed them, you can tilt your frame by rising the rear rack pegs. I find this move very useful, because I can see better my quilting space.

But this is only a preliminary test! Please move your stripes of wood off from the frame. (just a few minutes and you’ll be ready to quilt, no panic!)
Obviously, before you start to use your new frame, you must put your quilt on.
I pin in place – on fabric stripes – the borders of my basted quilt sandwich, and with the help of someone else in the house (my mum is really clever doing this!) I carefully wrap  the quilt sandwich, both sides, till it is the right size to put on the racks’ clamps.

In addition, you can apply a lamp on the back (mine is ‘Tertial’ fom Ikea): a wonderful light for all your nightly quilting necessities!

This is a short tutorial for a speedy assembly; please if you need more information, or want just say your impressions, feel free to leave a comment under this post.
Have a nice quilting life!
with all my love for hand quilting, Sara Casol from Italy


  1. Thank you Sara, this is a very good idea. I have to try it out sometime.

  2. That looks good. I want to try this aswell! First have to go to IKEA!

  3. what an incredible idea! i only wish i had the room for that in my house.:(

  4. Great idea Sara! Thank you :-) now off to Ikea!!

  5. What a great idea. Guess I need an Ikea visit some time soon

  6. A very unique idea, I don't have an Ikea in my area but I bet these kind of items could be found at different stores.

  7. So clever. Thank you for sharing your idea.

  8. I couldn't find the "Vika Artur" on Ikea's website, but the FINNVARD base looks like the same one?

    1. Yes, they've changed the name but it is the same one. I just bought two of them.

    2. Yes, they've changed the name but it is the same one. I just bought two of them.

  9. I'm really excited to put this together, but I'm not following on how you attach the quilt sandwich to the 2x2s. Just thumb tacks?

  10. My husband has looked at this and asked about the pegs at the back which elevate it, you don't list them in the parts list. I would really love him to make this for me as it looks fantastic.


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