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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

current project

i've had this quilting design for about 6 years now, i think, saving it for a someday amish quilt.  this quilt is a scrappy pinwheel done in amish solids with gray background.  i assembled it with squares plus this rectangular medallion block just for this feathery urn design.  over the years, it's been in the back of my mind how to transfer the design.  i got a wash-away film, some tulle, some transfer paper and then this delicious tool came on the market.  it's wash away paper that goes in the computer.  since my design was found free on the computer, it was ideal.  you can see in this photo i had about half the design quilted and am now happy to say i've completed the urn, now working on the individual pinwheel squares.  this quilt has a wool batt--myfirst--and i'm using a cotton gray quilting thread.  it's being free-form quilted in the style of antique quilts.  this one is for me and my own use, so i'm just making it in my preferred style.  in fact, i do free form quilting quite a bit now because it does give it an antique look.  once i get it done and have washed off the paper, i'll post a photo of the actual quilting that you can see.  it is sometimes difficult to quilt using a paper like this, and i've found that i can't "travel" my needle too far for fear of leaving long stitches visible.  even so, it's a terrific product and just ideal for this. 

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  1. I love the urn motif! is going to be a beautiful quilt....the wash away paper is very interesting...I will have to try it...I hate marking and this may be the solution


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