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Friday, March 9, 2012

The weight of scraps

I love scrappy quilts and the scrappier the better there are many quilters that I just adore due to their ability to scrap quilt, Bonnie Hunter to me is queen of scraps right now she has a great write up on scrap users systems.  It is alot of work, there is limited strip piecing itty bitty pieces, but the end product is just incredible. I have just finished a scrap mini it is the 3in  anvil pattern and the scraps are from another quilt that I have to just put boarders on called Pie in the Sky by Kim Diehl in her Simple Graces Book it is the front cover quilt. I have made this mini before but donated it to auction and vowed I would make another for myself.
 You will also see that I have added prairie points as well, these are cut 1 1/4in and folded to make the prairie points and this one I am just getting ready to quilt up
 Another Scrappy is my applique piece that I love it is from the Piece of Cake pattern Aunt Millie`s garden,it is a uniformed scrappy but still  this looks nothing like their pattern,  I wanted to use as many fabrics as possible
Boarders are waiting for me on this one too. I think there is a trend..VBG

. Another avenue so to do Swaps that is a great way to get scrap if you are stash deprived. I have a large abundance of scraps and hope to achieve a few quilts with them, I love string quilts and hope to get one done soon.  I have a few tops that are from swaps these were nine patches, they were from a swap.

This was from a swap we did I used some of the nine patches and then used other blocks that were from another swap for the alternate blocks, it is still a flimsy cause I don`t like my boarders, the them for the blocks was fall, but both quilts had the nine patches from one swap and they went a long way.

I look at these and think I better get my act in gear and start quilting these tops up!
Deb in Toronto


  1. I have seen several versions of Aunt Millie - and I must say yours is the best!! Very original. I too like Bonnie's quilts but I must say I have not taken the time to organize my scraps - I really need to one day as I feel I would make better use of them.

  2. I love your quilts! Beautiful, especially the applique one!

  3. great quilts I love scrap quilts too! Can't wait to see how your going to quilt them
    do you hand quilt all your quilts?

    1. Yes I very much hand quilt my quilts, that is why I have so many flimsies, working FT and PT leaves little time, especially since computers came in and I am able to view the quilting world at my chair. I have to look at the time and say 1/2hr and that is it so that I can get back to quilting...VBG.
      I have one on the frame I am working on will post later


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