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Monday, March 12, 2012

Scrap quilts - my favorite!

I have enjoyed seeing all the scrap quilts that have been posted the last few days. I love making scrap quilts too.
This first one was my attempt at a leader/ender project. The leader/ender idea didn't work out so well as all other projects were soon pushed aside. This was the first quilt that I tried baptist fan quilting and feathers and I just love both.
This quilt was my first attempt at hand quilting. I didn't know anything, I just borrowed a hoop and got started. I used Warm and Natural batting and found it SO hard to needle. I've used silk and wool batting ever since - what a relief!
Happy Quilting!!


  1. I have had trouble with warm and natural also - I find it tough to quilt through. I have never tried the silk and the wool but I have excellent luck with the quilters dream 100% cotton.
    Lovely quilts.

  2. I guess warm and natural is just for machine quilting, I too love using the Quilter's dream cotton or wool. Love your nine patch quilt, still need to make one, it is unusual to see gray as the background color, but I really like it.

  3. Janet, I'm in love with that scrappy 9-patch! The grey and white are so striking! And your border feathers and baptist fans are fantastic! I love everything about it!

  4. Janet your scrappies are gorgeous, I know what you mean about leaders and enders, it is just so hard to do just one at a time..VBG
    I love how you started to quilt and thank goodness you continued even though it was tough going at the beginning.
    I honestly never remember the batting i use as long as it is cotton or wool, by the time I finish the quilt the batting bag is missing somewhere, I guess I should pay attention. I have heard others say they like the Quilters dream.
    Janet you are right in saying what a wonderful display of scrappies it is fun to see peole pull out these fabulous quilts and show them off, good idea Carla!

  5. Ohhh, Love that nine patch! And the color grey has really grabbed me lately. Beautiful work!

  6. Oh, lovely quilts! Scrappy quilts just sing to me!

  7. Where is the pattern for the second quilt? I *love* that one! Great scrap quilts! Good to know about the W&N. I'll remember that in the future.


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