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Monday, March 12, 2012

Scappy, here I come

by Rose Marie Castonguay
Whenever my scrap bins start to get to the overflowing stage, it is time for a scrappy quilt and my thoughts always gravitate towards a crazy quilt. The one below was my first attempt and it was made to replace a crazy quilt that covered me during the winter when I was a child. That glorious crazy quilt had to be destroyed when our basement was flooded and the trunk it was stored in was also ruined. There was no name on that quilt and my Mom could not remember who had made it but it was from the early 1930's at least, if not earlier. This one doesn't come anywhere near to the beauty of that destroyed quilt, but at least it is mine to enjoy now.
My blue and red crazy quilt also came from overflowing bins and after it was finished, how I wished that it was bigger. This quilt just pops and it is titled Galactic Craze. When my husband saw the blocks, he said that it looked like exploding stars in one of the distant galaxies. When making my yo-yo Xmas tree quilt, the first place I went to was my scrap bins. The uglier the fabric, the better.
This close-up shows not only the yo-yo's, but the buttons and beads. My stash of buttons got reduced and that is also a good thing.
During a swap exchange, my scraps got a good work-out for this tote bag. As soon as scraps get used up, more get added .... it is a never ending battle .... but I'm not complaining.
Leftovers from previous quilts is a great starting point for another scrap quilt.
This top below is a work in progress. My scraps get raided first and then my stash. I had a lot of whites and creams and they go perfectly with this design. I don't strive to have my neutrals from the same fabric as I do find my quilts are more interesting and it makes a person stop to look and see if there is a repeat fabric.
Have a great day, eh!


  1. it looks like you are always busy with scraps too - love the quilts.

  2. I have a friend who would adore your yoyo tree! She puts yoyos on everything. :) blessings, marlene

  3. I love your crazy scrap quilt, what a great idea!

  4. Scrap quilts are my favorite kind. I am always looking for new ways to use scraps and you have given a bit of inspiration.

  5. You know I love scrap quilts. The Christmas tree is wonderful. Is that your original pattern?

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