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Friday, March 9, 2012

Older Scraps…

My brother Bob is 9 years younger than I, and when he graduated high school and went off to college, I was already married with two boys.  I sent him off to Michigan State University with this scrappy, hand quilted quilt, made around 1985.


I made a Spider Web strip pieced quilt – also hand quilted -  shortly after the quilt above was completed.  My youngest son gravitated towards it, and it ended up being his “snuggle under while watching television” quilt. 


He had a habit of chewing on one particular corner… and I’ve left it “as is.”  Yes, I could replace the binding.  But I like the history that it shows.  Call me crazy!


I think the nice thing about quilts made from scraps is that if all the scraps are yours, you know other projects that you’ve used those fabrics in, and it brings back so many memories. 

A few more of my scrap quilts can be seen on my blog post from yesterday. 

I hope you’ll stop by and take a peek, then go plan your next scrappy quilt!


  1. LOL at the corner! nice to preserve history isn't it :)

  2. that's one of the nicest things about scrap quilts, feeling free to snuggle under them at will.:) i've loved all the scrappy posts!

  3. love the corner story! I want to make a spiderweb quilt its on my must do one day list!
    do you hand quilt all your quilts?

  4. Great String quilt! I know exactly what you mean when I make my scrappies I have memories of other quilts that I have made. It is also a great compliment if you make mini scrapies for your friends and they get a `piece`of that quilt they love so much as a gift.

  5. This is a gorgeous string quilt!! Yeah, I'd love the personality of that chewed corner, too. very funny :)


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