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Friday, March 9, 2012

Geometry Blues scrappy quilt

Here's a scrappy I made a few years ago for the Maine quilts annual show.  The theme was "blueberry fields forever," and I went to my voluminous stash of blue fabrics and made this favorite traditional pattern.  Its title is (naturally) "Geometry Blues" due to my widely known math anxiety.  It's hand quilted of course, and the quilting went along very smoothly with a very nice result.  But even if it didn't, I loved doing the hand quilting, of course!


  1. love the colors. I love scraps! I am using triangle pieces about that same size I think for a English Paper Piecing project - I have no idea what size it will be.

  2. ahhhh to have so many blues to make such a scrappy quilt you must have the ULTIMATE stash...VBG. I love your quilt and the representation of blueberry fields is perfect

    1. i even have some blue scraps left, too!


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