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Thursday, March 1, 2012

My Mother’s Quilt

by Caron Mosey

Hand quilting is something that ANYONE can do.  Anyone!

Several years ago, I had students in the fifth grade class I was teaching make their own patchwork quilt.  Not only did each student sew his or her own blocks, but we then sewed the blocks together and put the quilt in a wooden frame as a class project. They took turns quilting it when their classwork was finished until the quilt was completed.  The quilt was lovely, and it was raffled off to raise money for us to take a scientific marine voyage for several days on Lake Michigan to study marine life.

In 1989, I graduated with a B.S. in Elementary Education from the University of Michigan. (I had waited to return to college to finish my degree after our youngest child had entered kindergarten.)  My mother surprised me with this quilt as a graduation present.  It was her first quilt to be hand quilted.
Moms quilt2 1989

Here is a closer picture of her work:
Moms Quilt 1989

While the quilting is not closely stitched, the applique work is beautiful and all hand done.

The quilt is signed on the front, “I love you, Mom.”  The back includes her embroidered name.

Not too bad for a woman who was legally blind at the time she made this.

If my mom can hand quilt,


  1. :) make that a big smile!! good work and considering her being legally blind it is extra good work!!

  2. What a wonderful entry. I bet the children's quilt was great too.

  3. Beautiful post!
    Thank you for sharing.

  4. Enjoyed your post and seeing your mom's quilt, she did an amazing job considering her situation!! Pretty darn good!!

  5. what a wonderful story! would have loved to see a picture of the childrens quilts too.:)

  6. What a wonderful story! Amazing what she did!

  7. a testament to love, i'd say....

  8. Goodness me that's amazing. Such a beautiful quilt, what a lovely heirloom.

  9. Your quilt is a true treasure ..... considering her handicap, she did beautiful work. Your mother is a true inspiration to all of us!


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