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Monday, March 5, 2012

How to - the heramarker

By Ann-Mari Duffy

Gun from Sweden asked how to use the heramarker from my post about tools.
I have tried to find Gun on internet to respond to her question, have not found her yet.
So here is a quick tutorial on how I use it:

I make a sandwich from top, batting and backing. The heramarker is great for marking straight lines guided by a ruler.

Put ruler on top in the direction you want the quilting to go. Let the heramarker slide along edge of the ruler. You need to push down fairly hard, and make sure the ruler don`t move. I do this on my kitchentable, it is low enough to not strain my shoulders.
You should get a shiny line in the fabric now.

On this project I basted the sandwich after making the quilting lines.
Now it is easy to quilt along these lines, and there is no need to rinse or wash out any markings.

I hope you see this, Gun.

PS! This is the first time I have made a tutorial, so if anyone see some information I left out or described wrong, please feel free to correct it.


  1. Great job on the tutorial, I didn't think the marks left by the heramarker would stay visible very long. I can see where it would be a great tool for gridding.

  2. I have never tried this method as I normally mark my quilt as I go and having it on my 3 roller it wouldn't be a firm enough surface to mark - I wonder if you mark before hand with the marker and then roll it on the frame with all the pulling and tightening involved if the marks would last? I might have to mark a small section next quilt and try it on the 3 roller and see how it works. thanks for the info.

  3. I forgot to ask if the type of batting used makes much of a difference in how long the marking would last?

  4. I need to give the hera another try. When I have tried to use it in the past I always found that my line disappeared - maybe I don't press hard enough. I mostly use masking tape to mark straight lines.

  5. When it comes to batting, I have only tried cotton, so I can`t tell if it works just as well on wool.
    I do press really hard to make lines, but in right angle to light you can still see shiny lines. One of my most treasured buys in 2010 was my Ott-light floorstanding lamp!

    Good luck in trying heramarker again:o)

  6. Thanks for the tutorial! It looks like a great helper :)
    BTW, you can find my blog here:
    Gun, Sweden

  7. I mark my quilts with a darning needle, it's the same effect. The markings last quite long although I quilt in a hoop with a floor stand and the quilt is moved a lot! I also mark as I go and I can prepare a quarter of the quilt (72"x72" size) without having the problem of disappearing marking lines. For me that method works fine with every batting I have used so far: cotton, cotton blends, wool, polyester, bamboo. However I have to mention that I work with solid fabrics because I do wholecloth quilts.


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