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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

The pattern I love most

By Annemart Berendse

For February Caron asked us: what pattern do you love most? Well actually, I have to confess, I made only one pattern, a Broken Star. And I made the template and calculated all measurements myself. I never used a kit. Nor did I recreate, other than in class, a quilt made by somebody else. I can't. I just can't. I see the designs of Di Ford and all, and it does not inspire me, although I like the quilts.

To me quilting (and shoe decorating, but that's another story) is about being creative and original. And that means I try to make my own thing. So I make my own Broken Star template, and think of the colors I would like to use and search in every quilt shop until the right colors are there. Or I think of a half square triangle quilt and experiment with color. Or I get a gift like a jelly roll, take it all apart and use it with other fabric. I only once made a quick quilt from one jelly roll. And I wasn't happy about it.

So what pattern I love most? A pattern that gives me the opportunity to search for every color on the color wheel. A pattern that is challenging, brings me out of my comfort zone, without creating panic in my mind. Applique, trapunto, cording, stippling, all by hand.

I know what my favorite pattern is. It is my next quilt. What it will be? Don't know. But something with a lot of color, applique, trapunto...

Have fun quilting!


  1. you are so instinctively creative! what a wonderful gift.:)

  2. I love things that challenge me (and I'm dying to try trapunto)But I'm not much for creating my own pattern. Maybe that is because I'm so new at quilting. Maybe some day I will prefer to design my own.


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