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Monday, February 27, 2012

my loves and the rest

By Françoise Lietaert

So I'll start out with the things about quilting that I absolutely love :
I love to design and lose myself in the proces. It's as if I'm in a kind of trance when things go well.

I love feathers, in every way. Actually, I started an Amish-style top just to be able to design and quilt feathers to my heart's delight. We are not talking about a finishing date here. 

The  pictures I added are details from quilts I have made so far. They only contain feathers in the borders, the more classical way I think.

the above is from what I call my millennium quilt. It's rather simple, combined with parallel lines to form a cable. I was on a very thight time schedule here because of a competition.

You can hardly see this one. It's a very simple feather in the border with the classical turn around the corners.

This again is a border. Unfortunatly, I am not able to make a picture where you can see the whole quilting on the border because some places the fabric is rather busy and you can see it only when you pay attention to it in real sight. It is a small border where I did an other solution to turn the corner.

I also love to design my whole quilts as well, usually starting from (a) fabric(s) I happen to buy. 

What I do not like (and that's an understatement) is to baste. So the quilt I'm currently working on, I basted with those curved safety pins. I don't like that either. It gets stuck between the rings of my stand, which is a Hinterberger for those interested.

And what I hate is to do the binding. It takes forever. And ever.

 But for now, I 'll go work on some ideas I got in my bed last night, for a quilt I'm designing. Yippie!  Enjoy yourself too today (and tomorrow )


  1. Beautiful quilting---I love your feathers! You mentioned your "busy fabric". My husband always wants me to put a plain backing, preferably white or natural muslin, on my quilts b/c he likes the way the quilting shows without distraction. I usually do it that way, but sometimes I put a print on the back because I know the quilt will be heavily used (baby quilts, dorm quilts). Thanks for sharing your beautiful quilting!

  2. wonderful quilting. I use a variety of fabric for backing and a variety of color thread for the quilting. Your feathers are great!

  3. Love your quilting Françoise! Looks terrific!

  4. Basting is my least favorite part of quilting. See if you can get a local longarm quilter to baste for you, I've done that and it's SO much better and easier on my back.

  5. I love feathers! I need to overcome my fear of how to place them on a quilt and go for it, thanks for your inspiring post!


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