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Friday, February 17, 2012

My likes and dislikes

By Annemart Berendse

Great topic, Caron! Althought I just posted, I couldn't let the opportunity go... Preferences for hand quilters can be so different from machine quilters! So here are my preferences:

  • Variegated Egyptian cotton, thin and bright, like King Tut or Valdani (check them out...)
  • A closed sturdy thimble, that fits just right (hey, do I hear the name TJ Lane popping up again?!;-))
  • A regular stitch that is the same all over (no matter whether it's 8 or 20 stitches on an inch)
  • The liveliness of the fabric next to a quilt line, where the fabric goes up and down. A machine quilting stitch is just down.
  • Having a few hours to finish a certain area to near perfection.
  • Soft tight woven cotton, that doesn't split when quilted.
  • A perfect curve
  • A fine grid
  • Quilting needles #12
  • The look of a quilt on a frame or in a hoop itself!
  • Cheap printed cotton with the rubbery grey on the back
  • Thick seams, although a rocking stitch helps a lot!
  • Old needles
  • Callus on my underhand
Love to see all the other contributors lists!

Have fun quilting!

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