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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

The Pattern I am in Love With

By: Karen Goad

Wow – how to pick out a favorite pattern. I rarely design my own patterns. Most of the time I find a pattern I like and often make changes to it making it my own, but I start with someone else’s idea – A lot of us are not quite artistic and creative enough to get started totally on our own Smile Sometimes when I like a pattern I see I make it just as I see it and sometimes even using the same color of fabrics that are in the original design – especially if it was the combination of color and design that attracted me to it in the first place.

Now back to the pattern I am in love with – – I change my mind so often. Right now I can tell you that the next queen size quilt that I want to make is one of Edyta Stars patterns called Common Bride” it is beautiful. I love the colors, I love the pattern – the only change that I intend to make to it is adding another border to it in order for it to fit my bed. click on the name of the quilt and it will bring you to the pattern and you can see how beautiful it is yourself. If you click on the photo of the pattern it will enlarge so you can see it better. I love a combination of piecing and applique (needle turn). Hand quilted of course Smile


I have not purchased this pattern at this time but it is one thing that I plan on looking for at the Paducah Quilt Show in April. I love the colors – browns/pinks some greens and blues – tiny patchwork blocks that can be done up in numerous shades of those colors.

I will not start this quilt though until sometime next year - I really need to finish a few things first!!


  1. This pattern in gorgeous! I just saw the enlarged! What kind of extra border do you think you would do for it? I think it would be lovely with maybe a border of the leafy stems, or maybe the stars with 4 patches? I like to change things up a bit when working from a pattern, too.'s fabulous, no matter what!

  2. Hi Karen, the quilt is beautiful! And detailed too, for that size. Look forward to see your progress!

  3. Karen you are like so many other quilters and myself. We see a pattern and fall in love, dream about it for weeks and weeks and then finally order it. (as you can see I have done that too VBG)
    I love the quilt she has on the front of the last book have seen it on a blog being done and still have not got the book..but close
    Can`t wait to see your quilt and what you do and then your little spin on it

  4. I love Edyta Sitar's quilts, and the one you like is gorgeous! Her new book is fabulous as well.

  5. it is beautiful isn't it - I will get the pattern soon. I think I might get it before the quilt show - then I can go through all my fabric at home first and pull out what I have that will go well with it and then bring a photo of the pattern with me (and what fabric I have) and see about getting the fabric needed in Paducah - I just do not have a fabric store here - the only one I have is Hobby Lobby and to me that doesn't really count as a fabric store!! I will for sure post about this one when I get busy on it - but first I really must finish a few already in progress first :)

  6. I love Edyta's quilts! I hope you can get started on Common Bride soon. I have a few of ES's books on my wish list. I love seriously scrappy quilts, and the mix of piecing and applique. Love you blog too! You encourage me to stick with hand quilting, there really is nothing else like it! 8)

  7. I won't be starting the Common Bride until late this year or even next year - I love it and would love to jump in and get busy but I just have too many projects going right now - I have to finish some of them first!! I will soon have 4 large quilts waiting to be quilted and I have 2 smaller quilts waiting for the hoop! Too many waiting in line!!


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