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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Likes and dislikes

By Berit Hansen Gilde

Star patterns - love those! Hand or machine pieced, I love the symmetric effect, I suppose. Not a great fan of the wonky stars, even thou I do see the charm. Love old patterns like the DJ and Nearly Insane.

Basting. Really do not like crawling around on the floor hand basting big quilts. But since I rather want to spend my money on fabrics and notions than pay someone machine baste for me, I have no right to complane :-).


  1. have you seen the UTube clip of Sharon Schamber basting a quiltusing boards? She hand bastes, but its perfect and you can do it sitting at a table. check it out, i have done it twice now and its brilliant.

  2. I use a big work table in my basement. Since not many people have these, is there a place where you can use a table? Maybe check these - your church, a library, a senior center? A friend with a large dining table (of course you'd have to be very careful)? What you need is width, not depth.

  3. i had to laugh at your comment about basting a quilt! i always dread that part too. my mom has a long table to baste her quilts on and it helps her out a lot, but i don't have room for that.

  4. Since I've reached the age that getting on the floor would take more equipment than my house could accommodate ~ I like using the board technique(Sharon Schamber) however, basting is still my least favorite part of the process.

  5. Basting with a Q-snap frame is also an option. You can sit while basting! It's the first thing I'll buy when in the US. Now I have to borrow someone else's...

  6. Also consider basting in a frame... joe cunningham demonstrated it on one of the first THE QUILT SHOW episodes... He used boards and C clamps to make an old fashion hand quilting frame that use to be used in quilting bees.


  7. i table baste also, check out my blog if you dont know how...or check youtube

    On THE QUILT SHOW, there is a great series of machine quilting classes where WALL BASTING is covered...I havent tried it yet, but i will!


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