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Tuesday, February 7, 2012


By Grace Thorne

New contributor here...My name is Grace, and I live in coastal southern Maine currently. I lived in the Boston area until 2001 when I came to Maine for family reasons. I prefer city life so call myself "cityquilter" not affiliated with the New York shop of the same name.  I am currently unemployed, so I have lots of time to sew and quilt. I started quilting in 1979, drawn in by amish quilts.  I love the simplicity, the color and the densely quilted patterns.  I do this for fun and hardly ever make blue ribbon quilts.  Here is my current quilting project.  It's an amish center diamond made from fabric I bought on a trip to Lancaster a couple of years ago. I am down to the last very wide border and corner squares.  I'm using matching thread because that is traditional for amish quilts.  I have mostly used Mettler quilting thread, but have some King Tut and Aurifil in my stash also.  The batting is a cotton/wool blend I bought from Buffalo Batt several years ago.  It needles very nicely but has no bonding, so it also beards quite a bit.  I enjoy seeing all the quilting projects posted, and the Hawaiian really caught my eye because I am currently appliqueing a bed-size Hawaiian done with an orange flame batik on white.  Thanks for "visiting" and looking!


  1. welcome to the group! Amish quilts orginially inspired me as well.

  2. You are very welcome to join a group of lovely people:o) Love your quilting.

  3. Another quilter who was originally inspired by Amish quilts, but I have yet to make one :) maybe that will be next year, once I have finished off a couple of projects, just love the colours on your quilt.

  4. I have to agree with the others on the Amish quilts. I have made a mini but nothing larger. My bucket list seems to get longer and longer.

  5. Welcome and I love your bright color choice!


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