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Thursday, February 16, 2012

Hand Quilters Likes and Dislikes

Hand quilters often think differently than other quilters.  When you're a hand quilter, you focus more on the quilting stitch; how it will look, what design will best fit an area, how to achieve that puckered, even stitch. 

Hand quilters, join in on this discussion and tell us what you like... and what you don't like about the quilting process!

I'll start the ball rolling!


When I design a quilt, I like wide open spaces without seams so that I have a lot of room to showcase (hand quilting) stitches.

I like fabrics that aren't so busy that the design hides my quilting stitches in a shroud of print.  Solid, textural blenders are perfect for hand quilting!


I really don't like quilting through a lot of thick seams. 

The basting process is a real drag. I baste with little brass pins, and then when I quilt, the thread always gets caught on the pins.  UGH.

Your turn!



  1. I love the rhythmic tranquility of needle and thread passing through cloth.
    I love wide open spaces.
    I love YLI thread and Roxanne needles.
    I dislike bulky seams
    I dislike marking grids ( but I like to figure out turning the corner or fitting a border)

  2. I don't like having to quilt through a lot of seams but the big quilt I am quilting right now has a lot of them - sometimes you just have to go with it.
    I love scrappy quilts so I do work with a mixture of color - a lot of almost solids but a lot of prints as well.
    I hate marking borders and having to make them fit the space.
    I love grids - I get better stitches with them.
    I love using variegated thread all the mixture of color is something I love on the quilts.
    Marking the whole quilt is something that I don't care for and if I can get away with not marking and doing an outline stitch and then echo I prefer to do that.

  3. I like soft fabrics that are easy to needle and Dream Cotton batting.
    I like Clover Gold Eye Quilting needles between no.12 and YLI thread.
    I like quilting smaller quilts.
    I dislike quilting batiks (but love the fabrics).
    I dislike bulky seams.
    When quilting, I love the peaceful feeling I have and I love to reflect on the person who will be receiving the quilt

  4. I like Roxanne's Thimble and Needles.
    I like Sewline's marking pencil with white lead (don't know about the dark yet).
    I like plain muslin or solid backs so the quilting shows.

    I don't like deciding on a quilting design.
    I don't like crossing lots of seams.
    I don't like the way the blue marking pen's ink comes back and spreads if you spritz it.

  5. Please let me add my two cents here:
    I like traditional wholecloths and traditional patterns.
    I like high quality fabrics, waddings, threads, needles etc.
    I like the old marking method of needlemarking and freehand quilting.
    I like every step I have to do making a quilt.
    I like entering in quilt shows.
    I like hand quilting all day long!

    I don't like low quality quilting material.
    I don't like quilts a lot with large unquilted areas.
    I don't like people who think hand quilting is an old fashioned craft - although they have a right on their own opinion.

  6. I love quilting. I do not love catching my thread on basting pins.
    I love quilting. I do not love when my thread breaks because my thimble has chewed it in two.
    I love quilting. I do not love crappy materials/batting.
    I love quilting. I do not love my giant thumb.
    I love quilting. I actually kinda like my giant thumb.
    I love quilting. Quilting is cool.


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