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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Desert Island

By: Glenn Dragone

What does that title have to do with quilting?

Let’s play a game. You’re on a desert island and you have all the comforts you desire. The luxury hut, complete with ocean views (how could it not?) and of course, electric. It’s has been constructed by the mate of your dreams. He/She happens to be a gourmet chef and mysteriously anything you need to make your stay heavenly appears when summoned. 

It’s a game remember so go with the crazy premise.

Now that you’re all relaxed and fed you have the simple joy of hand quilting your days away. 

The deal is you can only bring one of your favorite quilting items with you on this magical adventure. It could be a tool, an audiobook, a TV, anything you like.

So, what’s the one item that you can’t quilt without?

Here’s mine:

My TJ Lane thimble is my favorite tool when hand quilting. The fit, the feel and the look make me happy each time I make a stitch. As you can see, the thimble happens to have a case in the shape of a piece of luggage. The little guy is ready to go!


  1. I was reading along and the first thing that came to mind was my TJ Lane thimble. Then I scrolled down and that's what you had too. I don't have a nifty little suitcase for mine though :0)

  2. Sorry - I can't pick one thing. There's more than one thing I use on my fingers when I quilt and the silence would drive me batty. Then there's the issue of the missing chocolate . . . .

  3. I'll take my iPhone with me. Then I can listen to music, send emails, surf the web, and talk to my hubby on the phone.

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