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Sunday, January 22, 2012

Quilt batting

by Mary Carolyn

My favorites have been posted already this month - Poly-Fil Cotton Classic and Quilters' Dream Cotton Request weight, both thin, 100% cotton.  I love both and keep them on my shelf.  Which I have more of depends on what was just on sale.  To me, both are easy to needle and give me the finished look I want.  I always wash my quilts when they're completed because I love and want the puckered look of an old quilt.  I just tried a blend I purchased several years ago, Hobb's 80/20 cotton/poly blend and I'm not at all impressed.  I followed the directions on the wrapper (which says 3% shrinkage but I didn't do a 'before' measurement) for spacing my quilting but it wasn't close enough.  Perhaps if I'd done more quilting on it, I'd like it better.  I'll try it again on a doll quilt as a test because I have two packages of it, both king size!  Luckily, this quilt was something I machine quilted  because it's intended as a play quilt for a two year old and not an heirloom.  I normally applique and quilt by hand.  If I'd done that on this quilt, I'd be really disappointed right now so it's back to my old stand-bys until I've done some testing.

Even though thimbles were a topic last month, I have to add I love the Clover thimble.  I can grip my needle with the sides (rubber? poly? I don't know) and don't have to reach for the pliers when I'm doing a utilitarian stitch.  My finger seems to be between standard sizes and this one fits.  The sides give just enough to go on and be comfortable but not fall off.  I have spares and I don't usually buy spares of thimbles.


  1. I think there are a lot of us that love Quilters Dream Cotton - it just quilts well and a lot of us love that crinkly look!

  2. I think the quilters dream is an amazing cotton for hand quilting, especially for reproduction quilts.


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