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Sunday, January 29, 2012

In My Michigan Quilting Hoop

I’ve been faithful to quilting on the Yes We Can, Jane quilt… adding a few hours of quilting most evenings.  I’m just about finished with stitching along the sashing in one direction, and this week will probably  begin going in the opposite direction (perpendicular, I mean).  It’s difficult to see the stitches I’ve made, as they go right along the white sashing in a matching thread color.  But they are there!


I happened upon a post of Helen’s blog this morning to see her progress on a quilt she is hand quilting for Zoe.  Drop by and take a look!  It’s beautiful and colorful.

Yesterday I had lunch in Lansing, Michigan with Tim Latimer, another writer on this blog.  We had a good time, and of course, had to go visit Country Stitches when we were done eating.  We each added to the weekly income for the shop, excited about our purchases.  What a fun time!


  1. the quilt is progressing nicely - and it is so nice that you have another of the writers! I bet you and Tim had a nice lunch and enjoyed the quilt shop.

  2. The quilt is so colorful! I bet it makes the quilting go faster, knowing the next section will be a completely different scene. Thanks for sharing.

  3. I have never quilted a sampler, how do you know what you will do with each block? I do agree with Glenn that it would be nice in that you are not quilting the same pattern over and over.

  4. Beautiful quilt!! Next time you guys need to drop me a line - I could meet in Lansing :)

  5. I appreciate all the hard work you have done making the patchwork a quilt. It is beautiful Caron. Cheryl Camp

  6. Looking good. I guess the fun part of handquilting a sampler is to find the best quiltpattern for each block.


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