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Saturday, January 28, 2012

In My Hoop…..

By Karen

I have several projects going right now, in my small hoop I am hand quilting a sampler quilt.  I have 20 Farmers Wife’s blocks that I made.  I didn’t want to make anymore as I tired with the blocks for some reason and I’m not interested in making this quilt any larger!  I use a 14 inch hoop or my large 3 roller floor frame – as the frame is occupied with a different quilt – the Farmers Wife is in the hoop.

I am using a simple stencil for the white blocks in this quilt and the other blocks will be outline quilted I do believe.  I am using a golden brown YLI thread for the quilting.  As you can see I do not take tiny, tiny stitches as some of you do.  I am not concerned with trying for 10, 12 or even more stitches to the inch.  I rarely ever count my stitches – when I do I know that I have a consistent 8 to 10 stitches per inch and that satisfies me.    I do not enter my quilts into show – I make them for me and for my enjoyment – a release of my creative spirit!


On the floor while I was pin basting it.


If you are new to hand quilting I urge you not to be concerned about how many stitches per inch you can do but to be aware of being consistent – whether that is 6 stitches per inch or more – consistency is what makes it look good.  And most of all enjoy what you are doing or it isn’t worth the time you put into it.


  1. It is lovely - and it looks like a good size lap quilt :-)
    For some reason, I did tire from making these - I might just do some variant of your idea.

  2. Lovely, Karen. Your hand quilting is just wonderful too!

  3. Thanks for your encouragement on the size of your stitches.

  4. Karen, your quilting is always beautiful. No need to count!

  5. Oh, it is so good to meet somebody else who is not obsessed with number of stitches! I feel like you, I make quilts for my own pleasure and because I enjoy it :)

  6. I have been known to count stitches but I've finally decided to stop. It's a waste of time. Keeping them even is the ticket. I love your work!

  7. thanks everyone - enjoy the stitching is the ticket!

  8. Your quilt looks great! And indeed, consistency is what's needed. If you do a consistent 6 stitches on an inch or then 10, then 14, I would go for the consistent 6 inches. That's your stitch. And when your stitch is 12 stitches on an inch, then that's it. It should be fun!

  9. Karen, love your attitude about quilting. I agree it should be fun and a way to release your creativity!

  10. Having fun is most important:o) Lovely quilt.


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