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Sunday, January 29, 2012

Double Irish Chain

by Carla Therrien

I am currently working on a king size Double Irish Chain. This quilt is the result of organizing my sewing studio. My goal was to empty a large Rubbermaid tote full of scraps. It was a large undertaking for me, I have never made a quilt this large.

I must admit I struggle when it comes to choosing how to quilt something. I decided on this one, to use the same motif, but in two different sizes.
This a  close up of the alternate blocks
King sized Double Irish Chain
I am amazed at the progress I have made on this quilt. I started quilting it after Christmas and only have  a couple of blocks to finish up before I start the border. It does prove the point that diligence pays off.


  1. Carla, this quilt is going to be beautiful! I'm curious... what do you use to mark your quilting lines?

    1. I started out marking with Crayola Washable Markers. I have had very good success with them, but have read that some worry that over the years they may come back to haunt you. I like using mechanical pencils on light fabric, and recently found fons and porter white lead to use on the dark fabrics. I like the thin line that the mechanical pencil achieves and will probably stop using crayola markers.

  2. I love your quilt I am also working on a large irish chain, at the moment I am still piecing but I have never made a quilt this large and am concerned how I am going to manage the weight and bulk of it when quilting. Any tips?

  3. I will be quilting my queen size double Irish chain quilt on a midarm Pfaff that is on a frame. I’m not sure I would do a quilt of this size on a standard machine due to the weight. If you are hand quilting, the weight should not be an issue, as the quilt would likely be on a floor frame or in a hoop. If I WERE to try and quilt a quilt of this size on a regular size machine, I would roll as much of it as I could and put a few clamps in place to hold the fabric together while I quilt in small areas.

  4. that is beautiful. I went to a quilt show on saturday and apart from some wholecloths only one other quilt was hand quilted. There is nothing better than being snuggled under a quilt in a hoop and hand quilting. I have just found this blog and looking forward to following it from now on. jan x

  5. Hello, I stumbled across your website/ blog while searching for suppliers for quilting hoops. I would love to make a quilt. Specifically an Irish Chain quilt.

    However I have never quilted before and would like to know how to start. Should I start small with a cot quilt? Or even smaller with pot holders?

    I am complete novice where hand quilting is concerned. Can you advise me where best to start?


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