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Friday, January 6, 2012

Batting and needles

I use both wool and cotton batting. It is more easy on my hands to use wool, but I love to touch quilts that are handquilted using cotton. I don`t prewash batting.
I use Quilters Dream cotton or wool, because that is what my local quiltshop sell.
In the near future I am planing to try silk, and a new batting made of bamboo. 

When it comes to needles I have tried several types. These are the ones I use

When I was learning how to handquilt I used these from Piecemakers, still like them.

I have also tried the ones from Roxannes, and like them too.

My favorite at the moment is these from Bohin. I like size 10 betweens/big eye. When threading these I feel like the mouse in Disney`s Cinderella!
They are about 1" long, and don`t bend ore break easy.



  1. Ann-Mari I have not seen those Bohin needles must try and find them. I love the Piecmaker ones as well...but as I get older...

  2. I have not seen the Bohin either - I have heard of Piecemaker and will try to get some of those also to try out.

  3. I love the Bohin needles...they aren't easy to find, but I found some at my local sewing machine store in Lansing....I have little bending and so far no breaks

  4. I like the Bohin 11 Applique needles as they seem to be a little sturdier than other 11's and about 30 mm long. I'll have to keep an eye out for the quilting needles.

  5. Hi Ann-Mari, I never used the Bohin quilting needles. Will try them for sure!

  6. Thank you for your message after my first block in the CWBQ!
    I discover your site and I must say that Bohin is a very old french enterprise, that I had visited last year ... It was such an experience and come back in the 30's... they are still working with very old methods and now that I know how they prepare their needles, I understand why they make very good qualities needles and I accept their probably more expensive price !
    And I am happy to participate to their survival !!

  7. Thank you all for the response to Bohin Needles. I also use Bohin embroidery needles.
    Have been in touch with my local quiltshop about Bohin applique needles, they will try and get them for me.
    I love this blog, a big thank you to Caron.


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