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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

And more battings

By Françoise Lietaert
I'm a Belgian quilter for 18 years, new to this blog and loving it.

What I'm working on currently is the 'big-stitch' quilting on the blue fabric.  I am using bamboo batting for the very first time, bought it from a French company.  As you can see, it has very little loft, which I like a lot and it quilts easily. But I agree with a previous post, it does beard some.  I'm using Valdani perlé thread and embroidery needles, up to 6 at a time.  

I have done some bigstitch quilting in an earlier quilt because I found it suited the quilt. It was that or machine quilting in my opinion.  In the lower photo you can see how thin the batting is. It is Thermore by Hobbs.     

Underneath, you see a piece of the same Thermore batting, which I now used for a wallhanging with japanese fabrics. This one has regular quilting with variagated thread as you can see. It quilted very easily.  I absolutely love the look of the no-loft batting, but I don't think it would be good to use in a quilt you want to sleep under.      

The next batting I want to show is the one you see underneath. I used it for a wallhanging with this dark fabric. I found it was a bit harder to quilt, but I do not mind that at all. I do find it is rather stiff and since I don't like that, I don't think I will use this kind again.

The last photo I took this way to try to give you an impression of the feel and look of the batting. This quilt has the famous Hobbs 80%  coton- 20% polyester. I like that batting a lot.

As you can see, I have used different battings over the years. If I had to choose only one, so far I would go for 100% coton. But I already have a wool batting waiting, so maybe I will change my mind in the future. And I want to try silk batting. For one of my future masterpieces that's waiting in my head to be made.


  1. I posted about bamboo batting...and I'm beginning to think that the bearding is related to the thread and needle size. I haven't had any bearding in my current project stitched with size 11 quilting needles and glazed hand quilting thread. Thanks for the warning with big stitch.

  2. Your quilting is beautiful. Love the big stitch style!

  3. Lovely quilting! I think you'll enjoy quilting a silk batt. I recently used it for one of my quilts and loved it. It quilts like butter, does not shift (I baste with a tack-gun) and is light and warm. However, it does shrink quite a bit, so I think should be used only if you like the antique look for your quilts (I do).
    Happy quilting,

  4. Hi Francoise, without Tomatendag we meet here! Indeed, silk batting is great, and I am glad that you tried the bamboo. It will be my next try. I love the silk, but it is thin and too expensive to use in a regular quilt. See you somewhere in the quilt world! Groets!

  5. I love the crinkled antique look that cotton batts can give you, but wool has a a bit more loft so I use it when i want that look. I haven't tried the Quilter's Dream Select which is suppose to give more stitch definition so that is I want to try.

  6. Thank you for posting about the Tuscany--I had thought about trying it, but will stick with Quilter's Dream. I think you will enjoy the wool, but it does have a lot more loft.


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