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Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas!!!

by Annemart Berendse
Dear all,

To all hand quilters from all over the world, who know the blessing of having just 10 minutes for you, making your stitches on your lap, frame or hoop, who know the gift of quilting for hours on your quilt in your own world, stitch by stitch, for those who know how to weave love in fabric:

Merry Christmas!!!

May all your quilted and not-quilted gifts be appreciated with love and awe.

Annemart Berendse

Thursday, December 22, 2011

My Christmas Baltimore Album

By: Karen Goad

My one and only Christmas Quit – I started to make this quilt three years ago and got it hand quilted for Christmas last year. I don’t have a wall long enough to show off the bottom border. The pattern is designed by Connie Sue Haidle.


With the bottom border. The whole quilt is needle turn applique and hand quilted. Except the sashing of course.


A close up from when I was quilting it.


One of the blocks


Part of a border. I used Request loft Quilters Dream 100% cotton batting – I love the shrinkage it gives – such a crinkly look.


Merry Christmas & Happy Hanukkah to all

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Festival of Trees

By Audrey Easter
This is the one and only Christmas quilt I've ever done. The pattern is 'Festival of Trees' by Barbara Brackman and Karla Menaugh. I of course, had to add on an additional border because I don't ever think any quilt is quite large enough for my purposes. I wanted to quilt in a very simple design that wouldn't detract from the applique and so ended up going with the baptist fan pattern. Totally going out on a limb, I decided to quilt it free hand and ditch the marking pens/pencils. Once I got approximately a third of the top quilted (starting from the bottom right hand corner and working up) I started panicking because I thought it looked Terrible. Horrible. Then I stepped back from the controlling part of my brain matter and took a second and third look which helped tremendously. I forged ahead and as I added more and more quilting, I actually started becoming quite excited by how it looked. This quilt was a real lesson in learning to trust my instincts and being brave with free hand quilting. I'm sure I'll be doing more of it in my future.:)

Red and green

By Janet Treen
This is a  quilt I like to hang on  the lounge wall at Christmas and in fact any time of the year. I have no concerns about fading because I have a tinted film on the windows to block out UV rays.
It was made in 2006 and is a Piece O' Cake pattern from their book, Once Upon A Season. The quilt does hand straight and square, I just took this photo at an awkward angle.
It's hand appliqued and hand quilted with Quilters Dream cotton, the thinnest unbleached weight.
I used a floral red, green and cream backing so that the stitches wouldn't be so obvious. The reason for that being the different coloured quilting cottons I used to match the fabrics.
Happy Holidays to you all.

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Elizabeth's quilt- the quilting begins

I've started the quilting of Elisabeth's qult. I quilt in a hoop and I've started in the center. As i quilt I remove the first lines of quilting that wre used to do the trapunto. Lines are marked with a regular mechanical pencil. I am using a cotton batting and silk thread.

Friday, December 16, 2011

Christmas Quilt

Last year I decided I would make a quilt for Christmas each year. this is last years quilt.

I made the top with one of those printed panels that normally get made into pillows. I collect Santas so this fabric was perfect. I made sashing in a darting minnows pattern using some of the panel fabric and adding the red and white. The hand quilting was done with dark red thread. I did a lot of quilting on this one!

I outlined all the Santa figures and did outline quilting by the piece in the sashing.

I added stars to the white pieces

And quilted in Christmas 2010 on the border.

It is a full sized quilt but looks good on a chair as well

Teddy likes it

This years quilt is quite a bit simpler. An antique top that I hand quilted

I'm starting to think about next year already. I am thinking of a poinsettia applique

Happy Quilting


Thursday, December 15, 2011

Hand quilting updates on the Obama quilt

by Caron Mosey

Check out the progress on the quilt being stitched for President Obama called “Yes We Can,, Jane” at This quilt is an effort by dozens of quilters from around the world, to be presented to him when he leaves office.

Photos are being posted approx. twice each week.

Christmas Quilts

I have made a couple of Christmas quilts. The first one shown is a design by Crabapple Hill. I am sure many of you have seen this pattern or made it yourself. It has three panels that are done in embroidery and the then the pieced blocks are added.

It measures about 54x48 and makes a great wall hanging. It was my first attempt at hand quilting baptist fans.   I must say they were fun to do and I will be using the again on future quilts.

The embroidered scenes with the pieced blocks  are a great combination.

This second quilt is a pattern I found in a magazine several years ago. It was one of the first quilts I hand quilted.  It also has a bit of paper piecing in it. So all in all it was a good learning experience.

I love making quilts that are seasonal. I love bringing them out every holiday to help decorate and get me in a festive mood.

Monday, December 12, 2011

I think I'm on Santa's good list

By Janet Treen
Dear Santa, I really would love to learn how to quilt on a floor frame. You see there are some amazing quilters here that could give some advice if I need it.
Morgan Weistling, "The Quilting Bee"

I don't need much, I already have a basting frame that I can use to learn on. Since I love books for Christmas, I'm sure this one would be inspiring.
A couple of tools would be great, I love the look of the thumb thimble but I might need to try the
paddle thimble just in case I need a back up as well. You know how I love to test out gadgets.
I'm sure there's room in the sack, thank you in advance Santa and oh, I don't even mind if you're late this year.

Saturday, December 10, 2011

All I Want For Christmas

By: Karen Goad

861134_f120I really and truly do not want a lot for Christmas.  I pretty much buy my quilting stuff as I need it – also I have been doing this for many years so I really have all the tools I need -- hand quilters don’t need a lot of tools do we --  But, all quilters want more fabric – right – we can never have too much of this stuff!!  We need it to create – so I want more of this kind of stuff!!!


I have my wish list created and I ask my husband for a gift certificate from the Fat Quarter Shop – I have no affiliation with them – they just happen to be my favorite on line shop.  I probably have enough fabric to last me 5 years or more – really, truly – but we just can’t have too much can we Smile

Now I need to get back to quilting.

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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Hand quilting makes the quilt!

This is my very first post in the Celebrate Hand Quilting blog, and I’m very proud to be a part of it (thanks Caron for your invitation!).
I’ve been hand quilting since 1997, when I attended my basic level patchwork class here in Italy. At that time in my country, patchwork was not yet well known, so today I can say that we felt like pioneers. During all these years, I’ve been trying different  techniques, looking for evenness, small stitches. The turning point came for me about four years ago, when I went to Germany to attend the basic class from Esther Miller, an American born teacher, raised Amish. I spent some days in her quilting center, and I returned one year later to attend the advanced class.
Since then, I enjoy so much my hand quilting time! I believe it’s so important to find, among all different techniques or approaches, the proper one for each of us.
These are my favorite hand quilting tools:

My favorite threads are YLI (the white one) and Aurifil (the blue one) cotton makò 28:

Unfortunately, in Italy is difficult to find a professional hand quilting frame, and it can only be imported from abroad. So I built my own, following some directions from my teacher and using materials commonly available at hardware stores. Last but not least, it was really cheap. Next time I post a picture of it, I've just realized I have none very good!

My “quilting bible” is That perfect stitch, by Roxanne McElroy. Although the author describes a technique that is different from mine, I learned a lot from this book for many suggestions and ideas which offers to those who want to learn more.
I’ve been teachin’ traditional hand quilting in Italy for two years, and believe me when I say that I always, always learn something new from my students.
I meet special people, some of them become dear friends to me. I’m happy, and grateful, to be a teacher.
I'm happy to be here.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

What I would like from Santa

by Annemart Berendse

Do you know that feeling in the weeks before Christmas, when everything is hectic, but also getting quiet? When everything is looked at with a feeling of nostalgia, like "that was 2011"? Christmas decorations everywhere, open fire, music is changing to happier tunes?

At those moments I love, really love, to hand quilt. Behind my frame Alice, thinking about how she really fits into my living room and my life. Hand quilting is just like meditation, taking a break for a moment from all the buzz in the world. 

No job, no children, nothing on my mind. No television, no breaking news, wars and fights. The newspaper with bad news ends up in the open fire and on the radio Jingle Bells, Rudolph and White Christmas.That's when I am at ease. Just me and my quilt, making stitch by stitch, in the pace of my hand and not my machine.

And then I am thinking about what to ask Santa. 

Dear Santa,

I would like to ask for something very special but not expensive, Santa. Forget the fabric, the needles, the thimbles and the scissors. Santa, if you have some spare, do you have some Christmas time left? I would like to have a week or two. I will keep it till I really need it. Somewhere in February for example. I will use it well.

Thank you. 


Sunday, December 4, 2011

Handquilted tablerunner

I use this runner for advent. It is sewn on machine, including the circles. It is handquilted using a silk-thread.

At  the ends there are  French lace and Svarowsky beads.
Bringing this out and on the table with the advent-candles gives me the feeling that Christmas is coming.

My wish for Christmas is to have more time next year for more quilting. I have sooooo many patterns I want to make something out of.

Hope you all are enjoying preparing for Christmas.


My Christmas Wish List

By Carla

I can't say my wish list is very long. I'm really not much of a gadget person, my quilting supplies are pretty basic.  I am getting older and threading needles is gettting more difficult, so my first wish is a Clover needle threader. I also came across this new trio pen from Sewline. It has white and black lead and a metal stylus. It would nice to be able to change colors without changing pencils when marking quilts.

Besides that, my stash has dwindled over the year, I cleaned out my scrap tub making a Double Irish Chain, so  fabric is always wonderful. Santa just so you know I am planning to make a red and green applique quilt this year, your favorite colors.

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Copy of Museum Quilt by Donna Stickovich (SW PA.)

I've added a photo of the pattern to show the over-all design.

 I borrowed an 1830's quilt from my local museum and had a pattern made from it. There were initials but there was no record of who's it was so I call it Elizabeth's Quilt.  After tracing it onto my fabric I began to out line stitch all of the design. This top fabric is backed with voile. The stuffing is then done from the back between the voile and cotton.

I am now ready to put the layers (top batting and backing) together. And Start to quilt. I will be quilting  in a cheveron pattern at 1/4" between lines.After quilting all of the colored thread will be removed. Twice quilted , once removed!.......... Oh!! I am also a stab stitch quilter.

Friday, December 2, 2011

Short but Sweet

After reading Sue Garman post "Quilting Away" I can only say I hope to grow up to do what she has done but until then I would like Santa to bring me a quilting frame like she has, the Grace Z44 frame.

I too do not want to have to baste my quilts anymore. The thought of it has just made me so excited.
So Santa if you read this, now you know what I want and then if you want for a surprise you could add a lamp too.
Oh heck, since I'm wishing here, maybe that new car I want.

Till next time

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Sue Garman

by Caron Mosey

A quick suggestion to my hand quilting friends.  Take a look at Sue Garman's blog post

In this post, Sue mentions how she hand quilts, and includes a few tools she uses.   It's worth a quick peek, and her quilts are beautiful!

Dear Santa,

I’ve been a pretty good girl this year, and I really don’t need very much.  Here’s my short list:

  • An iPhone – I don’t need Siri, just the basic iPhone 4, please.  I hear there are quilting aps that I can use on it.  I like the looks of this one.
  • I’d like a design wall that I can pin quilt pieces to.  You know the kind of board that I need.  I’d prefer to have two of them so I have a large surface on which to work.  The boards won’t fit in my little car, but they should fit in your sleigh.
  • I use my Kindle a lot to read… and books on the Kindle aren’t very expensive.  A gift card would help me get more reading accomplished.
  • I’m in the mood for gray fabrics.  Lots of neutrals.  I like these from the Moda 3 Sisters Etchings Quilting Fabrics line:


Thank you, Santa!

Your friend,