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Thursday, December 1, 2011

Sue Garman

by Caron Mosey

A quick suggestion to my hand quilting friends.  Take a look at Sue Garman's blog post

In this post, Sue mentions how she hand quilts, and includes a few tools she uses.   It's worth a quick peek, and her quilts are beautiful!


  1. I have Sue on my google reader - she does wonderful work doesn't she - I am amazed she is a stab stitcher though!

  2. great link! thanks for sharing it.

  3. Caron, I have a question about hand quilting.

    When you first start, with needle straight up/down and you rock to take that first stitch, what is the secret to getting a close/small stitch? I am fine after that one stitch, all are small and even, but that first one always is a bit bigger. I keep telling myself it just takes practice, but I am not too sure about that. any suggestions? I am just starting out, but I am a super fast learner and when I put my mind to it, I take it up with a snap to my fingers, but I can't seem to past this first stitch.



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