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Friday, December 2, 2011

Short but Sweet

After reading Sue Garman post "Quilting Away" I can only say I hope to grow up to do what she has done but until then I would like Santa to bring me a quilting frame like she has, the Grace Z44 frame.

I too do not want to have to baste my quilts anymore. The thought of it has just made me so excited.
So Santa if you read this, now you know what I want and then if you want for a surprise you could add a lamp too.
Oh heck, since I'm wishing here, maybe that new car I want.

Till next time


  1. I don't blame you for wanting a 3 or 4 roller frame - I have had my 3 roller frame for years and love it!

  2. I have the Z44 and couldn't be happier with it. I do love not having to baste the quilts. I also think for the money, they are well worth it.
    I'll wish right along with you that Santa brings you one for Christmas. You'll love it.


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