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Monday, December 12, 2011

I think I'm on Santa's good list

By Janet Treen
Dear Santa, I really would love to learn how to quilt on a floor frame. You see there are some amazing quilters here that could give some advice if I need it.
Morgan Weistling, "The Quilting Bee"

I don't need much, I already have a basting frame that I can use to learn on. Since I love books for Christmas, I'm sure this one would be inspiring.
A couple of tools would be great, I love the look of the thumb thimble but I might need to try the
paddle thimble just in case I need a back up as well. You know how I love to test out gadgets.
I'm sure there's room in the sack, thank you in advance Santa and oh, I don't even mind if you're late this year.


  1. Hi Janet, you're welcome to mail me and ask any question about frame quilting! I really love my frame Alice and I think I will post some movies on my blog in due time about how I quilt in a frame. If you can't wait that long: my email box is open.;-)

  2. The thumb thimble is beautiful! I need to try one of those, too!

  3. Janet I gave a link on how to use the hand held thimble (paddle thimble)
    you might want to check it it out.

  4. Hello Janet, if you want to take a look at my tutorial here:
    I posted some pictures and tips about how to quilt with the thumb thimble. I find it very helpful on the frame floor, when I hand quilt from bottom to top (because obviously I can't turn the quilt, so I must change quilting direction). Another useful tutorial is posted on Ted Storm's website:
    I hope you enjoy your thumb quilting!

  5. Janet,
    I am a reader of your blog, and your quilting (and applique) is absolutely extraordinary. I’ve always wondered what you use to quilt with - hoop or floor frame, but did not want to ask.

    In the past month I’ve been shopping for a floor frame. I’ve also run across some hoops that look interesting, too. When I think I am settled on one floor frame I see another, or read a thread that hoops are preferred because you can work in any direction. And then there are those people that I’ve read about who simply do a whole lot of basting and don’t use anything!!! I’ve seen videos of this and their stitches seem effortless and perfect.

    I would love to hear more about what method you prefer. Please know that I think you are the Lance Armstrong of quilting. Please know that I understand that the difference between Lance and other athletes isn’t about the kind of bike he has....I would have to do a whole lot of training to even approximate the beauty of your work - using the same hoop or frame isn’t the secret.

    Many thanks!

  6. Thank you all for the encouragement to learn frame quilting, I'll definitely call for help or advice when I get to it. You've all inspired me.
    Denise, I feel humbled by your kind words, thank you.

  7. I'll put in a good word to Santa and hopefully you'll get everything on your list :)

    Merry Christmas,

  8. Hello!
    I needed an image of a quilting bee, and your blog, and this post, came up in my search. I have linked to it in my own blog post. I want to thank you, and to say that your beautiful hand work is remarkable! {I hope Santa heard your wish!}


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