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Sunday, December 4, 2011

Handquilted tablerunner

I use this runner for advent. It is sewn on machine, including the circles. It is handquilted using a silk-thread.

At  the ends there are  French lace and Svarowsky beads.
Bringing this out and on the table with the advent-candles gives me the feeling that Christmas is coming.

My wish for Christmas is to have more time next year for more quilting. I have sooooo many patterns I want to make something out of.

Hope you all are enjoying preparing for Christmas.



  1. It's really beautiful and so is your hand quilting!

  2. wonderful! I bet you enjoy having it out every holiday season, beautiful work.

  3. Isn't it how funny how certain items carry so many memories. Your circles are perfect as your hand quilting!

  4. It's beautiful, the colours are very peaceful and I love anything with circles.


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