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Thursday, December 1, 2011

Dear Santa,

I’ve been a pretty good girl this year, and I really don’t need very much.  Here’s my short list:

  • An iPhone – I don’t need Siri, just the basic iPhone 4, please.  I hear there are quilting aps that I can use on it.  I like the looks of this one.
  • I’d like a design wall that I can pin quilt pieces to.  You know the kind of board that I need.  I’d prefer to have two of them so I have a large surface on which to work.  The boards won’t fit in my little car, but they should fit in your sleigh.
  • I use my Kindle a lot to read… and books on the Kindle aren’t very expensive.  A gift card would help me get more reading accomplished.
  • I’m in the mood for gray fabrics.  Lots of neutrals.  I like these from the Moda 3 Sisters Etchings Quilting Fabrics line:


Thank you, Santa!

Your friend,



  1. Thanks for the heads up on that app and forget Siri, she has bad listening skills most of the time, lol.
    I hope Santa is listening on the other goodies, especially the design wall.


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