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Friday, November 18, 2011

Thoughts on thimbles

by Glenn Dragone

I wish I could simply say that I’m a one thimble kinda guy.  Alas, I’m not!

My favorite thimble is actually no less than three so it becomes favorites.

Starting off with the thimble I use the most from TJ Lane   Many know of these handmade gems from quilt markets.  They’re Sterling Silver and custom fitted.  The key to a thimble that does it’s job effectively is the way in which it fits your finger.  If it’s too big or has a tendency to fall off , the enjoyment of hand quilting is challenged. No doubt, this baby is pricey but given the hours of quilting you’ll be doing it seems (to me) well worth the cost.  I must admit, I had to get use to the shorter height of the thimble.  I thought it would be an issue but it never seemed to make a difference.

You’d think I’m set, right?

Well, there are the times I use a Roxanne thimble to get the job done.  If I’m quilting an area that has many seams, I tend to reach for the Roxanne.  I jokingly call this thimble, the “suitcase” for your finger.  It’s a mighty piece, big and heavy.  In areas that have those nasty seams to go through, it’s good to have the extra weight to charge through.  It’s like a tiny dumbbell for your finger.  Since my finger changes in size doing the day, I actually have two Roxanne thimbles.  I was told by the people at Colonial Needle that the gold versions are actually a tiny bit smaller then the silver.

And now you’re saying…. What on Earth could be the last one?

I do use the Clover leather Coin thimble at times.  Although, it’s rare, I sometimes like the feel of the leather on my finger instead of metal.  Like a tiny glove, it has a warmth to it.

I must admit that I do love thimbles in general.  I’m sure this plays a part in the amount I use and strange logic I associate with each.

Scissors?  Given what I just wrote, you can imagine I have a few.


  1. Glenn, I have one like your first one, but the needle always slips and embeds itself in the end of my finger. Ouchie! Love the ones in the second picture... Hmmm, might have to get one.

  2. I have one of T.J.Lane thimbles but I made the mistake of getting one that has a pointed edge that rubs against the skin - I also have a Roxanne but it is too heavy - they are both so pretty - I wish I wouldn't be so fickle and keep trying out new thimbles - my hand held works best for me - why do I keep buying new thimbles :) !! Your T.J.Lane thimble is so pretty - love it

  3. I do like the clover thimble too. There's something about the leather and I like the way it conforms to my finger.

    Nice post!

  4. Your thimbles are very interesting! I've looked at the clover thimble before. Maybe I'll take a second look now.

  5. I see you are using different ones like me. I have also been looking at those of silver and gold, but being allergic to nickel I can`t use it!


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