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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Sore Fingers–Your Remedy?

By Karen Goad

I do believe that most of us that hand quilt at one time or another – deal with sore fingers. Some of us deal with this more than others as it is harder for some to wear protection on their fingers than others. For me it is always the same fingers. Because I use the hand held thimble I can quilt away from me, sideways and towards me when I am at the floor standing frame. I use different fingers for each motion I think and therefore have more than one finger that gets dry and crack. The cold weather of winter doesn’t help any.

I do use lotion off and on all day and sometimes when quilting I will finally resort to putting a band aide on whatever fingers that are bothering me the most but they get in the way.


Finally I need to take a break and let them heal.


I have at times used Bag Balm with white gloves and sleep in them most of the night until my hands get too warm and I take them off. Sometimes this seems to help, other times it doesn’t. So as one hand quilter to others – what do you use for the healing process – is there a lotion or ointment that you have found that seems to work better than others?


  1. To be honest with you - I use good old Vaseline! I slather it on my hands before bed and either wear thin winter gloves or an old pair of socks to bed. Does this trick for me very time! My feet get extremely dry in the winter time also, and Vaseline works every time to heal and soften them also!

  2. I haven't tried it, but I've heard using Preperation H on your fingers when you go to bed will heal them by the next day....again, I don't know, but thought I'd put the idea out there.

  3. I use a rubber tip on one finger a thimble on the other and the aunt becky underneath so no sore fingers. I do use a few drops of glycerin with my hand lotion to help keep them soft and moisturized.

  4. Hi Karen, I do not have a problem on my right hand, I do have the same issue on my left like you.

    On the right it might be you try to grab a needle and grab the point? That's why I work with the needle puller (see

    On my left I have experimented with an Aunt Becky, that didn't work to well. Now I am experimenting with the TJ quilt spoon and the Marianna's thimble. As soon as I tested them enough, I will report on it!

    Oh, for general soreness: Neutrogena, an extra thick hand balm works miracles after doing a gardening job with lots of thorns

  5. Anymart I do use a rubber needle puller I do not know why my fingers on my right hand get like that to -they just always have.
    Carla, I can't wear anything on my fingers for underneath, I just really have to feel that needle coming through - I have tried using some of the things they have for the underneath finger and it just doesn't work for me.
    Erin and Sew Unique I will give your ideas a try and see what happens.

  6. I use a product called NEW SKIN it is a liquid band aid
    it works wonderful! put it on like nail polish , bottle looks like nail polish too! and it forms a great layer of skin , I can quilt for a long time or applique a long time after wards as a result.
    I buy it in the grocery store or at a drug store.
    says on the bottle New skin liquid bandaged, first aid antiseptic liquid bandages

  7. how many layers do you polish on your fingers - I have it and tried it last year I would put on two coats but it didn't seem to work for me.

  8. I use Super Glue on the fingers that go under the quilt. You can apply some before quilting and it stays put pretty well. It can be used on sore fingers, or as a preventative.
    Store it in the freezer. It doesn't freeze. but it keeps it from drying out. It's really inexpensive too!


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