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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Scissors everywhere!

by Annemart Berendse

For this blog we were asked as participants to contribute a log about scissors and thimbles. When I collected all my scissors and thimbles I decided to split the log. How could I put all my scissors, thimbles, other handheld hardware and what more in one log?! So here is, after my contribution of the log about thimbles, my collection of everything that cuts and clips.

On the right my 'tiny cutting' collection. Start clockwise on the upper is my curved tweezer cutter, for tiny cutting actions, like nipping of a tail of a quilt thread. Then the cutter pendant of Clover, great for in an airplane. Nobody knows it's a cutter! The Gingher thread cutter (I am a great Gingher fan) with sharp points, for quick cutting quilt threads to quilt at my frame. The white square in the middle is a Clover needle threader and cutter in one, I use on the go for my hexagon project. Great for airplanes, or any traveling at all. And finally the long thing on the left, which is a seam ripper (or negative quilter), also Gingher. I do have another cutter, a small scalpel for applique work, but that's not in my reach now. That's something else for I couldn't find it wherever I searched...
Now for the scissors. The whole Gingher collection and a standard Fiskars. On the left the Fiskars, my blunt scissors for on the go if I need scissors to take with me. Then my Gingher collection from the top.
The one above are sewing scissors, 5" straight. Ï use it for the small cuts in fabric. The second from above are the 7" dressing scissors for large cuts. The third are my 4"curved pointed scissors with large eyes (I do not have the smallest fingers...), great for clipping  small threads on your quilt. And finally my applique scissors with duck bill. If you want to cut away the back of your applique, the duck bill prevents that you cut in your quilt. The bend construction gives you full control while being above your quilt. The points of these scissors are not pointing in your quilt, but are horizontal while cutting. That's great when you just gave it all to make the most beautiful quilt in the world!

To be honest, I do have some more scissors. But actually, I got a bit embarrassed when I took them all out... Sometimes you can also be TOO honest!

Have fun quilting!


  1. I love the applique scissors with the duck bill. I think I will have to have a lot more tools in my future.:)

  2. I have the duck bill applique scissors and rarely use them! an impulse buy - Karen


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