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Sunday, November 27, 2011

Quilting hardware

I've been hand quilting since 1993 when nobody would show me how they did it in case it wasn't the "correct" way even though I resorted to whining and begging.
I read everything I could get my hands on and proceeded to teach myself. I've been on some sort of quest since then to find the perfect thimble to no avail. Until now that is.
I ordered a PQF thimble which arrived today, it's made of an industrial type of rubber and it is claimed that it will last a lifetime.
I raced home from collecting the mail and put a few stitches in the current quilt.
Of course I'm going to have a longer session but so far I love it so much that I'll have to get another one as a back up. I have a large knuckle that hurts with other thimbles so this one is very comfortable.
I've never mastered using just my finger underneath the quilt to feel the needle and quickly realised that I'd have to wear something. I started with a thimble and graduated to the Aunt Becky and I now use TJ's quilting spoon. The only down side is that I go through a lot of needles as they get dulled so quickly. I've been through a few spoons too.
I'll use just about any quilting needle from size 12 to 10 but I do seem to prefer a 10. Mostly I end up buying the Piecemakers brand as it's what's readily available at my local quilt shop.


  1. Hi Janet
    I aslo have never been able to find a thimble that is right But I am going to order a PQF and give it a go...thanks for the tip!!
    As to the "correct" way to is correct if you are happy with the results and enjoy doing it!! Im sure the quilt police would take me away in cuffs if they saw me quilting because it doesn't follow the diagrams in books, but I as long as it looks good I can live with it

  2. I agree with Tim. I tell people to quilt consistant and it's their quilt so they can do whatever they want. I'll have to check out this new thimble you are talking about.

  3. Those thimbles are so cute! =)

  4. My quilting story is very similier to yours. I never tried the spoon, do you like it better than the aunt becky? I think your quilting looks wonderful and the results are what count.

  5. My learning experience is very similar to yours. I did ask endless questions of any hand quilting I could get my hands (ha) on.
    I am very interested in hearing more about the PQF thimble and what your thoughts are after a good session. I'm a big fan of my TJ Lane thimble but like to switch off.
    Keep us in posted on it's development!


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