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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Old timer, same tools

by Debra Anger

Hand quilting tools are very simple for me.  I have been quilting now for over 20 years and have tried my ways of quilting, but have resorted to that thimble that has the brass top. It is the only thimble that I don`t put a hole through and I love the waffle pattern on the top for my needle.

Then it is my fiskers scissors; I don`t have to work at them to close. I see that I forgot to take a picture of my needle threader. I either try to eye it or if I am tired, I use the Clover needle threader... and as you can see the handy dandy gripper when my fingers just get too weak.

Betweens needles are a must, but I am not too fussy on the size I do like the smaller ones; they are sturdier and don`t break as easily. I love to ready what others have used for their tools; we can all learn new tricks. I really want to master that technique `Tin to Tin.` I have the V shaped apparatus that goes under the quilt but need to watch Aunt Becky a few times to get the gist of it.

Thanks for this absolutely wonderful blog at home with hand quilting. FYI: If you want your thimble to fit great, step on it or just bend the opening a bit so that it is oval rather than round.  Not sure why they didn`t make them more to the shape of our finger, but I learned from a wise quilter to just step on it!! VBG


  1. I never even thought of stepping on my thimble. I might try that with an inexpensive one that I don't use much to see if it works better staying on my finger!

  2. Actually there is an oval shaped thimble on the market. It's called "My Favorite Thimble". I have one and it works pretty well. Check it out here:

  3. I love the idea of squishing the thimble....I thought I was the only one who had non-round fingers!

  4. Great tip, Debra .... guess what I'll be doing with a few thimbles that are a tad too large!

  5. Those are my favorite scissors, too. I have a couple of other pairs I like, but when I'm cutting pieces by hand for a new quilt, the finger holes on some can cause me discomfort. Love the "spring loaded" feature of these!


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