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Saturday, November 19, 2011

My tools

By Ann-Mari Duffy

When I started learning handquilting, I prefered a leather thimble like this one, and I have worn out a few of those.

Now I switch between these two types

I find it difficult to get a good thimble. That is because the size of my fingers change during the day. The plastic thimble is a bit bigger than the one of brass.

My favorite cutting tools are a pair scissors from Fiskars and a pendula from Clover

I wish everyone a happy, quilty weekend.



  1. Nice post! I use that Clover leather thimble too, but just recently have started using the hand-held. It takes getting some used to, but works pretty well.

  2. Love the little pendula. Great idea! I'm forever losing my scissors down the side of the chair cushion!

  3. I used the clover leather thimbles when I first learned to hand quilt also, but they did wear out to fast.


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